We’re proud to put our customers first and are always looking at ways to improve the experience of banking with Triodos. This year, we will continue our journey to become a more digital bank and make good use of technology to bring you greater protection, high quality service, and even more impact. 

We want to ensure that we bring everyone along with us, and that no-one is left behind. To do this, we’re working with a digital inclusion charity, Citizens Online. You can read more about our partnership below, as well as details of some of the security enhancements that we’re introducing.

Adopting the latest technology to protect you from fraud

We’re adopting the latest security measures to help keep you and your money safe. This includes the Mobile Secure Key in the Triodos Mobile Banking App to enhance security and make it easier to log in to Triodos Internet Banking.  You’ll be pleased to know that this replaces the old physical digipass or, if you have one, or your username and password. The addition of the Mobile Secure Key adds greater protection for you whilst banking with us through the Triodos Mobile Banking App.  Extra security checks to keep you safer when shopping online and making payments have already been introduced by us and across the banking sector.  

What is the Triodos Mobile Secure Key?

The Mobile Secure Key is a digital key allowing personal customers to use a smartphone or tablet to securely log in and make payments within the Triodos Mobile Banking App and Internet Banking. 

It uses facial recognition software to create this unique digital key so that only you can log in to your accounts on your registered device. You can also log into the app using a passcode or fingerprint.   

Extra security checks to keep you and your money safe when shopping online

New regulations called Strong Customer Authentication are being introduced to improve online payment security and help reduce fraud and scams across the banking sector. All banks and retailers are getting ready to ensure customers who shop online benefit from this increased level of protection. It provides an extra layer of security at the online checkout, where Personal Current Account customers will be able to verify their identity via either the Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking. These extra checks are being put in place so that the bank can confirm it’s definitely you making the purchase, not a fraudster. It's quickest and easiest to authorise payments in the Triodos Mobile Banking App. It's free to download and available via the App Store and Google Play.  

Introducing checks to make payments safer 

A Confirmation of Payee check will be performed every time you transfer money from your Triodos account in both the Mobile Banking App and Internet Banking. When you send money, we will check with the bank you’re sending money to that the name on the account matches the bank details you’ve provided, and let you know if they don’t. That way you can be sure the bank details are genuine before you make any payments. 

No-one left behind

We've partnered with a digital inclusion charity called Citizens Online and our shared goal is to ensure no-one is left behind in the digital world - we want the online experience of all our customers to be a positive one. 

Our partnership means that customers can access free, one-to-one telephone support with a Digital Champion and could cover, for example:

  • How to get online with different devices such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • How to use the internet to explore your hobbies and interests, keep in touch with friends and family by email, chat or video calls, watch films or sports.
  • How to stay safe online.
  • How to access common services like your local Council’s services, utility providers and shopping online. 

Our help and support hub is full of handy how-to guides, FAQs, information and advice about, including about banking online and on our app. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for or need any further support, our Bristol-based contact team is also at the end of the phone: 0330 355 0355. 

About Citizens Online

More about our partnership with Citizens Online and how you can access this free service.

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Our Digital Journey

These are just some of the new security measures we’re releasing this year. We’ll also be introducing some exciting new features in our Mobile Banking app and Internet Banking to make our online banking easier than ever. Technology will also help us bring our impact to life, offering new ways to engage with our mission and bring you closer to the inspiring organisations we finance. There’s so much more to come, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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