How long does it take to transfer existing ISAs or investments to Triodos?

Transferring existing investments or ISAs from another provider usually takes between 14-30 days, but it can take longer than this. Delays can be caused if there’s an issue with the application form or the existing ISA provider doesn’t have your up-to-date information. It will also take longer if there’s a notice period on the account.

To make sure your transfer goes as smoothly as possible, we would recommend checking with your existing provider that all your information (for example, contact details and address) is up-to-date and that you don’t owe any outstanding fees. Also make sure that you’ve completed the transfer form correctly and signed it using a pen (rather than electronically).

You’ll also need to make sure that your information with Triodos is correct and that you’ve already applied to open the account you wish to transfer into. If you don’t, you can open an account via the Triodos Mobile App. 

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