Will there be delays in payment processing and trade, due to the situation in Ukraine?

In response to the recent developments in Ukraine the EU Council, the UK and US have implemented additional Restrictive Measures, known as sanctions, towards the Russian Federation. As a result of these sanctions, payments to and from certain countries may be delayed, or refused, as they are examined to make sure that they comply with the sanctions in force. We regret any inconvenience that this causes and can assure you that we are aiming to process legitimate transactions as quickly as possible.

If you expect to do business with persons or entities in any of the countries in the table below, please contact the bank in advance. This limits the risk that we will not be able to execute your transaction due to sanctions.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide updates as required.

More about sanctions and Triodos Bank’s response

Sanctions are Restrictive Measures that can be applied to entire countries, regimes, certain sectors within the countries, organisations, and private individuals. The international community uses sanctions to positively influence the behaviour of a country or regime and/or named individuals/organisations. Sanctions are applied where the country or regime is violating human rights, waging war or endangering international peace and security.

As part of the financial services sector, and in line with our own mission of making money available for positive change, Triodos must comply with sanctions regulations across all of our businesses. Sanctions are not new, and Triodos regularly checks payments, customers, and counterparties to make sure that we always comply with the various sanctions in force.

However, given the severity of the situation in Ukraine, Triodos has currently adopted a more stringent approach regarding trade and payments to and from the following countries:

Country | ISO Country Code

Russia | RU

Belarus | BY

Ukraine | UA

More general information about sanctions is available here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/uk-sanctions

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