As part of our journey to improve our customers’ digital experience, we’ve launched a new feature within the Triodos Mobile Banking App – the Mobile Secure Key.

What is the Mobile Secure Key?

The Mobile Secure Key is a digital key that sits within the Triodos Mobile Banking App. It replaces your digipass or username and password and keeps you and your money better protected from fraud.

Once you have activated your Mobile Secure Key, you will be able to use your passcode, fingerprint or face recognition (depending on your device) for all your banking needs. You can log in to the Internet Banking website on your desktop by scanning the QR code with your app.

With Mobile Secure Key you can:  

  • authorise payments easily, quickly and securely using the app  
  • be better protected from identity fraud  
  • log into desktop Internet Banking more securely via the app  (which means you will no longer need to use the digipass or username and password)

Why is it being introduced?

Using the Mobile Secure Key is not only more convenient, but it also means you and your money are better protected from fraud.

During activation, you will provide some photos of your ID and your face to verify it is really you. Your Mobile Secure Key will then be linked to these photos and the devices you have set it up on, along with your chosen passcode. This ensures no one else can then set up or use your Mobile Secure Key on their device to access your accounts. 

Protecting our customers from fraud is very important to us, and we work closely with the wider industry to make sure we are constantly improving our service and security.  You can learn more about protecting your account and staying safe on our fraud awareness pages

This new feature allows us to phase out the physical digipass, responding to customer feedback that asked us to offer an alternative security measure, because customers can use the Triodos Mobile Banking App on their preferred device (a tablet or smartphone) instead. The digipass can be returned to the bank for recycling using the freepost address 'Freepost TRIODOS BANK'. 

How can I get this feature?

The Triodos Mobile Secure Key is currently available for Personal Current Account and personal savings customers who are set up with Internet Banking. Please note it is not available for customers who also have a business account.

Activating your Mobile Secure Key can take less than five minutes with a good internet connection – and it’s all done within the existing Triodos Mobile Banking App.  

As well as your smartphone or tablet (with the Triodos app installed), you’ll need to have your passport, driving licence or other photo ID close to hand for the initial set-up process.

Activate your Mobile Secure Key

If you have a Triodos Personal Current Account or savings account and would like to activate your Mobile Secure Key, you can call the Contact Team to begin the process.

0330 3550 355

Further Information

You can find further information on the Triodos Mobile Secure Key on the help section of our website. The Triodos Mobile Secure Key is just one improvement as part of our digital journey towards greater impact. Find out more about the other changes that we’re introducing to enhance customer experience and keep you safe from fraud. 

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