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Personal Details and Account changes

This section explains how to change your personal details and request some account changes.

For security reasons, it's important to keep your personal details up to date. If you need to change your details, let us know as soon as you can.

Making changes online

If your account has internet banking access you can change some of your personal details and account settings online. To do this, log in to Internet Banking and find the relevant section described below.

Making changes to How to do this in internet banking

Postal address

Email address

Phone number

> select Account Profile
> select Personal Settings
change relevant information

Mailing preferences

Statement frequency

> select Account Profile
> select Account Settings
change relevant information

Making changes by post

If you do not have access to internet banking, please write to us with any changes to your personal details or account settings. Please remember to sign and date your letter.

For written requests, if we don't have a copy of your original signature on file, we will need further information and documentation from you which may cause delays. More information about this is available on the Account Security page.

Changing your name

To let us know that your name has changed you will need to write to us with details of your old signature and name and your new name and signature, along with an original or certified copy of one of the following: a marriage certificate / divorce decree / Change of Name Deed Poll (or other relevant document showing your new name).

The person undertaking the certification should be a professional person covered by money laundering regulations. For example, a person working in financial services, law or accountancy. The certifier must confirm they have seen the original, sign and date the copy, and also provide their name, professional position, work address and work telephone number. They may be contacted for verification.

Requesting access to internet banking

To get Internet Banking for your account, complete the relevant Internet Banking application form and return to us. The form can be found on our website via Contact, FAQs & Help, in the Helpful Documents section. Not all Triodos accounts are able to have access to internet banking, please refer to the Summary Box on the product page for confirmation.

Closing your account

We are sorry you are thinking about closing your account. If there is anything you want to discuss with us please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

If you manage your account online, log into internet banking and send us a secure message asking to close your account. We'll send the closing balance to your nominated account.

If you manage your account by post, write to us asking to close your account. Please include the closing account's eight-digit account number, and then the account number, sort code and account name of where you want your closing balance sent. If we don't have a copy of your signature on file, we'll need further information and documentation from you which may cause delays.

We carry out any closure requests after any notice period on the account.

We allow closure or full transfer out of a fixed rate ISA subject to a charge equivalent to either 180 or 270 days' interest (for 2 or 3 year fixed rate ISAs). We deduct this from the account balance, so you may get back less than the original deposit.

Changing your nominated account

If you've opened an account online or set up internet banking, you'll have provided a nominated UK sterling account in your name. This creates another important layer of ongoing security and has a dual purpose:

Your opening deposit must come from the nominated account you have chosen.

All withdrawals will be sent to your nominated account only (or any of your Triodos Bank accounts if it accepts additional deposits).

If you're the sole account holder you can have one UK sterling nominated
account in your name. If you're a joint account holder, you can have up to three UK sterling nominated accounts - one account in joint names and two other sole accounts, one in each of the joint account holder's names.

To amend your nominated account please send a signed, written instruction by post to;

Freepost Triodos Bank

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