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How do I pay for Depository Receipts?

When you have contacted us for a current price and are ready to apply you will need to either download an application form or request a paper application form from us. There are a number of payment options available:

You can transfer money from a nominated account of your choice that you will need to detail on the application form. The account must be a UK sterling account held in your own name. The electronic payment from this account must be received within 14 calendar days of the total investment price being given.

You can request a transfer from your existing Triodos Bank savings account on the application form (excluding bond accounts). When we receive your completed application with this request we will make the transfer on your behalf. If your account has a notice period we will make the transfer immediately and you will not be charged an early access penalty charge.

You can attach a cheque to your application when you send it to us, which must be within 14 days of receiving the total investment price from us. The cheque must be drawn on a UK sterling account in your name (which can be sole or joint) onlyyour cheque must be crossed account payee and made payable to Triodos Bank NV DR Issue. Third party cheques will not be accepted and will be returned along with your application. The payment must be for the exact amount to cover the cost of the number of Depository Receipts you apply for.

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