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Can I withdraw money from my cash ISA earlier than the notice period?

Payments from your Account will be made as per the notice period on your Account. You choose this notice period when you open your Account.

If you have a Triodos Online Cash ISA or a Triodos 90 Day Notice Online Cash ISA , withdrawals are set up by you through Triodos Bank Internet Banking and there is no option for early withdrawal.

If you have a Triodos Fixed Rate Cash ISA please click here .

If you have a Triodos Cash ISA or a Triodos Cash ISA (TOISA) withdrawals can be made by sending us a signed written instruction and this will be carried out as per the notice period on your Account. If you think you are going to need access to your savings at short notice then you should consider opening an easy access account as all of our cash ISAs have a notice period for withdrawals and you agree to this when you apply for the account.

Triodos Bank operates a simple and transparent banking model that means we use only your savings to lend to cultural, social and environmental projects within the UK. The majority of our personal savings accounts have a notice period so that we can closely manage the funds available to lend to sustainable businesses.

Please click here for information on all the personal savings accounts we currently have to offer.

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