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How do I pay into my account?

Opening deposits - online applications
If you have applied for one of our personal savings accounts online you will have provided us with a 'nominated account' when completing the online application. Your opening deposit must be made from that nominated account by electronic transfer.

To transfer your opening deposit please contact the bank or building society where your nominated account is held and instruct them to make an electronic transfer to your new Triodos Bank account. You will need to provide them with the amount you want to transfer, your new Triodos Bank account number, name on the account (usually your name) and the Triodos Bank sort code which is 16-58-10 .

If your opening deposit is to come from an existing Triodos Bank account then please instruct us to make a payment out of this account in the usual manner allowing for any notice period that may apply.

If you are opening a Triodos Ethical Savings Bond your opening deposit must be made in one single transaction from your nominated account. If you need to make your opening deposit in multiple payments then please call us on 0330 355 0355 as we will need to know this in advance.

Opening deposits - paper applications
If you applied using a paper application form (online only accounts must be applied for on our website) please attach a cheque to your application form. The cheque must be drawn on a UK based personal sterling account held in your own name (the account holder) and made payable to yourself (the account holder).

Further deposits and alternative ways to pay into your account

Once we receive your opening deposit, you can make further deposits in the following ways:

  • You can instruct your bank or building society to make an electronic transfer to your Triodos account. The Triodos Bank sort code is 16-58-10 .
  • By standing order.

Other banks may charge for some of these services, and in all cases will need your eight-digit account number, your account name and the Triodos sort code 16-58-10 to make a payment. You will start earning interest on your deposits on the day they are credited to your account.

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