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What are the charges for investing?

There is a 0.5% Initial Charge* applied to all new investments, which is taken from your subscription amount.

We also apply a 0.4% annual service charge which is charged on a quarterly basis. The annual service charge is expressed as an annual percentage, and is calculated daily and charged quarterly in arrears. At the end of each quarter shares will be sold to cover the quarterly charge.

You will receive a contract note to confirm the annual service charge collected each quarter, the charge will also be detailed on your six monthly report.
Please be aware that the sale of shares to cover the annual service charge is classified as a disposal for Capital Gains Tax purposes and may need to be declared to HMRC.

There is also an Annual Management Charge (AMC) factored into the share price as part of the Ongoing Charges. The AMC is 0.75% for the Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund and 0.95% for the Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund.
When comparing investment fund charges in the market, you might come across the term Ongoing Charges or Total Expense Ratio (TER). They are both a type of cost calculation which estimates the total charges that will be taken from a fund throughout the year, including the AMC mentioned above. Details of what makes up Triodos Investment Managements Ongoing Charges and their maximum levels can be found in the Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and Prospectus. What has actually been charged can be found in the Annual and Semi-annual reports.

*If you are investing more than £500,000 please call us on 0800 328 2181.

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